Troubleshooting the Honeywell R7184 Series Primary Control

We have received numerous calls regarding new R7184 controls failing on installation when replacing R8184 series controls. Our findings indicate that most of the controls are functioning normally.

The two main causes of failure, as we are told, are as follows:
1. The control will not shut down even when the thermostat wires are disconnected.
2. The control will not reset after going out on safety 3 or 4 times.

When R7184 controls are used on hydronic installations, there is no thermostat connection to the primary control and the “T”-“T” terminals have a jumper installed by the manufacturer. The problem stems from the fact that all R7184 controls do not have the installed jumper and on those with the jumper installed, the jumper is not visible across the “T”-“T” terminals when viewed by the service person. The jumper does show in the instructions, and is a small beige object that resembles a resister. The jumper is inserted on the control base near the “T”-“T” terminals and must be snipped on installations using direct connections from a remote thermostat to those “T”“T” terminals. Failure to snip the jumper will result in continuous operation of the burner.

The R7184 series primary controls can be reset 3 times on “soft” reset before it goes out on “hard” reset. The “hard” reset is part of a built-in “Limited Recycle” program designed to eliminate anyone from continuously resetting the control and developing a potentially dangerous situation. Once the control is reset 3 times, (perhaps while attempting to bleed the pump) a “hard” lockout mode occurs and the reset button must then be depressed for 30 seconds (not 15, nor 25 seconds, a full 30 seconds or more) to recycle the control.

Should you run into an R7184 series control that “runs all the time”, or won't reset, check the above before replacing the control The control may be doing exactly what it is supposed to do.